Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists is widely recognized as the regional leader in comprehensive orthopedic services. Our physicians have received specialized training in orthopedic surgery and in subspecialty areas within the field of orthopedic medicine. In addition, many sit on national boards and committees within their specialty. Our team of highly skilled physicians can diagnose and treat even the most complicated orthopedic conditions and develop a treatment plan with the goal of getting you active again.


meniscus surgery

A meniscus tear can stall your soccer season: when it’s time for meniscus surgery

Snow may be covering many area soccer fields right now, but whether…
common skiing knee injuries

Avoid the Most Common Skiing Knee Injuries When Hitting the Slopes

It’s time to hit the slopes! Crested Butte has gotten 112 inches…
podiatrist foot ankle pain

Foot or ankle pain? How to pick a qualified podiatrist.

Foot or ankle pain? How to pick a qualified podiatrist. Did…
Knee arthritis

Non-surgical treatments for knee arthritis

As we outlined in our first knee arthritis post in this three-part…
knee arthritis

Will it snow soon? Why your knee arthritis lets you know and how it impacts your joints.

Did you know that in the past 60 years, it has snowed on either…
Rotator Cuff Tear

Not just an athlete’s problem: rotator cuff tears are more common than you think

  Although also a common injury among athletes, rotator…
United Healthcare working with Advanced Ortho

Great News for our Patients we're In-network with United Healthcare

More access to great care starts now! Effective immediately,…
Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Tennis Elbow: A pain with many names

Do you have pain in your forearm and elbow, but never picked…
Summer Grow Issue featuring Dr. Justin Newman

Over the Top

Overuse injuries among young athletes and active adults are beginning…
hand doctor, gamers thumb

Gamer’s Thumb causing you pain? Stop chasing Pokémon, see a hand doctor.

Do you have “texting thumb,” “gamer’s thumb” or carpal…


Dr. Hurley, thank you so much for making the time to see me, at Dr. Ng’s request, to evaluate my elbow. I appreciate your opinion and recommendations. I’ve designed an elbow pa that will hopefully bri… Read more
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