Elbow Pain

Am I just sore or am I injured? Identifying and treating elbow pain.

It’s that time of year – everyone is back in the gym or joining a high-intensity workout program. If you’re among those who gave their work out a kick start at the beginning of the year – congrats! You’ve made it through month number one. As you have continued to be active, you’ve certainly endured […]

Daly Dose Podcast with Dr. Justin Newman

Tuesday on the Dose, we are joined by a very special guest that sees sports from a very unique perspective! Colorado’s own Dr. Justin Newman is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist that has worked with athletes from all levels including the NFL, NBA, MLB, the English Premier League, and even the Olympics! Dr. […]

Shoulder Replacement

Does chronic shoulder pain mean it’s time for a shoulder replacement?

If recurrent shoulder pain is interfering with your daily life, it may not mean that you need a Shoulder Replacement but you may benefit from being seen by an orthopedic shoulder specialist.  Because shoulder pain can have multiple causes, your physician should include a complete medical and personal history in evaluating your shoulder concerns. Causes […]

Snowboarder vs skier ankle injuries

Snowboarders vs Ski Ankle Injuries

Colorado: If it ever snows enough to ski or board again, avoid these common ankle injuries and stay on the mountain longer! In Colorado, we’re having one of the slowest starts to the ski and snowboard season in a while, with even less snow than last year at this time. But late December brought plenty […]

Back Pain Waiting in Line

5 things you are doing during the holidays to cause back pain, and how to fix them

Holiday Back Pain Four out of five people will experience back pain during their life, and stress, fatigue and physical exertion during the holidays can quickly bring on the bah humbugs of lower back pain. Here are five seasonal challenges and tips to help keep your back in line this winter: Standing in lines. Whether […]